How to use Affair to acquire Sex

If you want to come back an outcome, fool around with saveRootWithOutput in the place of saveRoot . Then you definitely get Async in lieu of Async , in which ‘a is the get back version of your submit and update features. If for example the root organization was inserted/updated, the big event production Particular to your outcome of the enter/update; or even they output Nothing .

Affair is pretty well tested in fact it is utilized in numerous mission-critical manufacturing features at the our organization. I am not claiming it is perfect, if you don’t insect-100 % free, but i have an effective vested interest in staying it functioning properly.


It’s still during the 0.x because it is still-new and that i may still become studying advancements that require cracking change every now and then. However, do not need 0.x in order to mean that it’s a pram clutter, or the API commonly radically transform various other month. Breaking change will cause plenty of write personally, too.

Affair.Interop.Facil spends unattractive SRTP code so you’re able to completely get rid of the boilerplate necessary to utilize Affair with the investigation supply code produced by Facil.

To use it, arranged Affair.Interop.Facil away from NuGet and you may unlock Fling.Interop.Facil.Fling once open Fling.Affair , up coming make use of the Facil software/procedure types in lieu of DB attributes in most Affair characteristics.

  • In place of Fling, you have to have fun with loadChild , loadOptChild , otherwise loadChildren with regards to the cardinality of relationships (during the Affair, loadChild provides all about three).
  • ‘arg is actually locked to help you sequence , we.elizabeth. an association sequence
  • ‘arg is secured so you’re able to string , i.elizabeth. an association string
  • ‘arg try secured to help you SqlConnection * SqlTransaction

Fool around with withTransactionFromConnStr so you can “convert” the newest SqlConnection * SqlTransaction to help you a string (partnership string) and you may work with the entire conserve for the a transaction. This might be useful if not have to run the new cut when you look at the an exchange having whatever else:

It’s not possible to interleave inserts/updates/deletes for several dining tables. Instance, you simply cannot indicate you to Affair is always to enter basic for the table An effective immediately after which into the desk B if you’re at the same time erase regarding dining table An effective and out of desk B. The fresh buying away from procedures could only getting specified at desk (or “child”) level; all inserts/updates/deletes having a desk is performed up until the second table. This might has actually effects to have international trick constraints inside cutting-edge aggregates.

Affair fetches son agencies when you look at the synchronous. I’ve perhaps not receive an approach to fool around with purchases having synchronous commands/contacts. This is why this isn’t you are able to to ensure a beneficial transactionally consistent view of the whole aggregate. Especially, it is commercially likely that Facil tons research away from some dining tables, upcoming another procedure changes the content, right after which Facil continues to weight the brand new now updated study away from other tables. Merely you are aware if it commonly twist difficulty to you personally. You will find perhaps not had complications with it. You are able to cure it which have locking.

  • Create necessary transform towards password
  • Up-date the brand new changelog
  • Upgrade new version into the Fling.fsproj and you can/or Fling.Interop.Facil.fsproj
  • Commit and you may force to educate yourself on . If your GitHub generate really works, the fresh bundles try immediately published to NuGet.

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